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Temple's Preschool uses a combination of The Creative Curriculum and Frog Street Curriculum with a strongly implemented focus on Easy Math & Simple Science. Our curriculum focuses on Literacy, Math, Science, Social/Emotional Development, and Gross and Fine Motor Skills. Parents are kept up-to-date and involved in their child's education. Our students also experience educational field trips and outings.

New Discovers (2's): Two year olds obtain  knowledge of things not known before through observation of study (determine/find out/hear/learn).


Revealers (2.5's): Two and a half year olds learn to make things visible by bringing them to view and uncover them.

Explorers (3's): Three year olds go into things for purpose of making discoveries and acquiring information (dig/inquire/investigate).

Inventors (3.5's): Three and a half year olds learn to use their ingenuity in their decision making, developing, and achieving (dream/make up/think up).

Experts (Pre-K): Four year olds obtain a high degree of knowledge and skill in particular fields (master/professional/proficient).


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