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Welcome to our Alumni Network! 


Congratulations Temple's Preschool Graduate - you made it! You are counted as one of the many scholars who have graduated from this OWLstanding preschool. Your days at Temple's helped pave a path to your future and you are going places. You’re an expert, innovator and explorer, a mover and shaker, of not only New Orleans, but of our world so continue making us proud. 












Tell us how you are doing and we will feature you on the Where Are They Now section of our Alumni page! Please send a current photo, graduation year, and an optional brief bio highlighting your accomplishments to to be featured. 


Whether you believe you can or you think you can't, if you just sit and do nothing you will get left behind. So always strive to be the change you want to see. Just do it!

In life you will always see the need for growth or change. You can ignore it or be the change you wish to see.  Never doubt that you can change the world. It only takes one person. And why not start in your own community. ” 


—  Landon Tillery, 2003 Graduate

2019 Graduate of New Orleans Police Academy

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